Our Services

At Whitby Denture Clinic, we are pleased to provide a variety of services to support your oral hygiene.


We offer two grades of dentures: Standard and Premium.



Implant dentures are the ideal solution for those with very little to no gums resulting from resorption (shrinking). Implants eliminate the problem of a loose denture or irritated gums. Implant dentures have been in use since the 1960’s with very high success rates. Patients that have chosen implant retained dentures praise that they are the closest thing to having natural teeth and wish they had done the procedure sooner.


Temporary immediate dentures are placed immediately after natural teeth are extracted. They are worn for approximately six months to a year while the gums continue to heal and shrink. During that time, the dentures will require adjusting. We offer these ongoing adjustments for free. Once the healing process is complete, new permanent dentures will be constructed.


With our on-site lab, we are able to fix a broken denture (depending on the severity) in about an hour!

Relining is when we add a completely new fitting surface to the denture. This becomes necessary as the gums supporting the denture shrink. Shrinking gums is quite common and will continue for the rest of the patient’s life. The reline procedure can usually be completed the same day.


This is the process of replacing the worn or ill-fitting acrylic base of the denture, providing a more stable foundation without replacing the teeth. This can also be completed within a day.


Fiber Force is a unique reinforcement technology that can be incorporated into new dentures. A Fiber Force reinforced denture is more than 300% stronger than a typical acrylic denture. However this reinforcement does not add weight or thickness to the denture and is virtually undetectable. This process does not delay the time required to make the denture and is only a small percentage more in terms of cost.


This is the procedure of placing a cushion lining, typically placed on a lower denture. Softlining is to help alleviate sore and irritated gums. This procedure will not eliminate the denture from moving but it will make the denture more comfortable when it does. The lining lasts approximately 2 to 3 years and can be replaced when necessary.


To ensure your dentures are fitting and functioning properly, you should visit your Denturist on an annual basis for an examination. Your Denturist will be able to monitor any changes in your mouth and any wear on your dentures.


If a clinic visit is difficult, for whatever reason, the Whitby Denture Clinic will gladly come to you. We provide house call services in hospital, nursing, retirement and private homes.


Custom fitted sports guards are extremely important to provide protection for your teeth and mouth. They absorb the impact that may cause a broken jaw or even a concussion. Sports guards should always be worn during any physical activity that has the risk of head contact. A professionally fitted sports guard will not interfere with your breathing, and they can even be fitted over braces. Sports guards are available in a variety of colours.